Brunata’s new hand terminal provides reassurance to the customers

Brunata has launched its new hand terminal Brunata IKON. We use the new state-of-the-art tool to test the meters at installation and before leaving the flat.

When Brunata’s service technicians visit a resident to instal or replace a heat cost allocator, they now use the hand terminal EP10, also called IKON, with Brunata's new software.

The hand terminal, which was launched on 1 October, instantly tests whether the meter is transmitting correctly. It also automatically sends data about the meter to Brunata’s head office, so that the technician does not need to complete an installation list with meter data.

”Brunata IKON thus ensures less paperwork (which also benefits the environment), greater efficiency and more reliable customer service,” explains Thomas Mantzius, who was involved in testing the hand terminal.

”When Brunata tests the meters with the hand terminal, the office is able to establish immediately whether the installation is faulty, ” he adds.

The high-technology tool has been in the pipeline for some years and the development of Brunata IKON does not end here. In the longer term, the hand terminal will among other things also be used for removal and annual meter readings.


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