Copenhagen and Brunata - environmental partners

The UN will have their climate summit in Copenhagen in 2009. Copenhagen is investing heavily in the environmental area. Brunata is actively supporting the campaign and wants to be in the vanguard when the world focuses on Copenhagen and the environment.

The vision of the initiative is to make the Danish capital an inspiring environmental friendly city whose citizens are environmental conscious. Before the end of 2015, CO2 emissions in the Municipality of Copenhagen must be reduced by 20 per cent compared with 2005.

The head of the climate campaign is pleased with the active Brunata effort

Mikkel Aarø-Hansen, Director of the Municipality of Copenhagen’s Climate Centre is pleased with Brunata’s participation in the campaign. “We want the Copenhageners to be better prepared for reducing CO2 emissions. Measuring the heating consumption is an important tool and we are therefore delighted that Brunata has joined the campaign”.

Brunata and the climate campaign have naturally shared values
Brunata is actively supporting the climate campaign in the good company of four other main sponsors: Grundfos, COWI, Skanska and Silvan. The collaboration is a natural consequence of Brunata’s competences. In future, Brunata can be a valuable partner in other environment-improving municipal initiatives, e.g. by equipping selected buildings with meters, which may contribute to creating healthy competition between citizens, such as efforts to become the most environmentally friendly Copenhageners. Brunata will also discuss with the Municipality of Copenhagen how Brunata can actively contribute to getting the other companies in the municipality more involved in the climate effort.


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