Receive an alert and avoid costly damage from damp

New humidity meters in all flats have already prevented one incidence of costly damage from damp at Ikast Cooperative Housing Association. Repair of major damage from damp typically costs hundreds of thousands of Danish kroner, so significant savings can be made by pre-empting the problems. It was the wish to avoid damp and mould problems which caused Ikast Cooperative Housing Association (IABF) to install humidity meters in 545 flats.

”There is always a damp problem in some flat – especially in the winter. We noticed that the humidity levels varied greatly in different flats. We wanted to help our residents to a better, healthier interior climate and therefore decided to install humidity meters in all flats,” says IABF administrator Erik Nielsen.

The Brunata humidity meters have proved a good investment. The daily remote reading and registration of the atmospheric humidity in the individual flats has helped reveal problems related to excessive humidity. In this way the housing association has avoided having to repair damage from damp, which can cost up to DKK 300,000.

”As administrator, I noticed on Brunata’s online system, WebMon, that the atmospheric humidity was significantly higher in a particular flat than elsewhere. I then had a good dialogue with the resident and we discussed how he could address the problem,” says Erik Nielsen and continues:

”Among other things, we discussed airing the flat and drying clothes indoors. After a short time, I noticed a reduction of the atmospheric humidity in the relevant flat. It was obvious that the resident’s behaviour was beginning to change.”

The installation of humidity meters at IABF has also proved advantageous in case of faults. A leaking pipe was only discovered when the humidity meter indicated dampness in the relevant flat.  

”In such a situation, the humidity meters are a great advantage. Once we discovered the leaking pipe, I was able to see on the computer when damp began to occur and subsequently monitor the humidity levels in the flat during the dehumidification,” Erik Nielsen explains.

With humidity meters in each flat, the residents can themselves monitor the interior atmospheric humidity and they are taking advantage of this.
”The humidity meter is located in the corridor so I take a look when I am passing,” says Jan Kristensen, who lives in IABF and reads the meter three or four times a day.

Jan Kristensen has previously lived on an estate with many damp and mould problems, so he is particularly aware of the need to monitor the interior atmospheric humidity.

”I prefer the humidity to be at 50 per cent at all times. In our flat, it varies between 45 and 55 per cent. If I see it reach 55, I give the flat an extra airing. I am very focused on ventilation and also keep an eye out for damage from damp in corners and on skirting boards, but I have not experienced it here,” he explains.

Alert pre-empts problems
With a recently launched humidity alert from Brunata, the housing association no longer needs to monitor the variations manually.

IABF is one of the first customers to have access to the new humidity alert, which enables the administrator to set up an alert on the basis of the humidity meter data. The alert provides direct notification of excessive atmospheric humidity on the basis of daily measurements. This allows the administrator to act immediately and pre-empt any problems.

Just ten days after its installation, the humidity alert reacted to excessive atmospheric humidity in one of the flats.

”As I no longer need to keep an eye on things or wait for the resident to inform me of a damp problem, I can keep abreast of things. The humidity alert enables me to intervene myself, be pro-active and help our residents quickly,” says Erik Nielsen and continues:

”Brunata has thought of everything. The humidity alert is a work of genius. It is easy to set up and provides a quick overview, enabling me to see if there is anything I need to address. The alert is fantastic, because it can be set on the basis of the average humidity level in the entire property. Our alert notifies me if the atmospheric humidity in a flat reaches 25 per cent above the average. Then I can react quickly and establish if there is a problem.”


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