Polish pioneering paid off

40.000 Futura+ HCAs and 20.000 ClickOnSensus+ radio modules for domestic water meters to be installed by the end 2012 is an outstanding result which shows that technical pioneering combined with flexible metering and billing services really pays.

In the late summer, a tender from a long time customer was won by Brunata’s partner in Northern Poland for almost 20 years – construction company PERFEKT in the city of Bydgoszcz. PERFEKT was not only one of the first dealers of evaporative heat cost allocators. For more than a decade, the company has also vigorously promoted the whole range of electronic Brunata-HCAs along with radio-borne remote reading since the very beginning.

After some years of satisfactory trial and testing, PERFEKT’s customer decided to place the order to replace existing – but still very well-functioning – capillary evaporators with electronic devices with remote reading.


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