Solutions for Global Sustainability Campaign

What are the 100 solutions that can make a real sustainable society?

Today, the Scandinavian think tank Sustainia and a worldwide alliance of companies and organizations, among them Brunata, launch a global campaign to find the answers.

The campaign goal is to identify the world’s 100 leading sustainability projects and technologies across sectors such as food, fashion, energy, smart homes etc. Collectively, the 100 solutions will form a comprehensive guide to leading sustainability practices across industries and regions.

“Sustainia100 raises awareness about the man-made effects on our environment by giving us 100 man-made solutions. With this solution-based approach, Sustainia100 delivers a clear and comprehensive call for action to a broad audience of politicians and corporations as well as civil society,“  says Dr. Rajendra K. Pachauri, Chair of the UN climate change panel, IPCC, and supporter of the campaign.

“I was especially impressed by the many innovative solutions for more sustainable cities and homes which were part of Sustainia100 last year. And I’m sure that this year’s campaign will gather new outstanding cases from every corner of the planet,” says Brunata CEO Michael Staal.

Former governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, EU Commissioner for Climate Action Connie Hedegaard and UN Global Compact are also behind the campaign to turn spotlight on the many sustainability innovations readily available to corporations and consumers.

From February 3rdst to March 14th 2014, the Sustainia100 is open to submissions on innovations worldwide, raising standards for sustainability. The submitted projects should relate to at least one of ten categories: Buildings, food, fashion, transportation, IT, education, energy, health, cities, and resources. Submissions can be made to Sustainia.

Intelligent Thermostats, Skyscrapers and Off-grid Solar Lights
Last year, the submissions included energy-efficient home thermostats, Chinese skyscrapers with build-in wind turbines and plastic bottles harvesting sunlight in the Philippines. With all innovations being readily available, the 100 selected solutions collectively form a guide to an achievable sustainable society.

Facts about Brunata and Sustainia


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